5 Reasons To Raise Your Family In St. Cloud Florida

The decision of people to move to a new location (city or state) to raise their family may be influenced by a range of factors, including

  • The desire to enjoy warmer weather and white sand beaches.
  • The high cost of living in their current location
  • The desire for a better life with less crime and more opportunities for employment.

If you are looking for a nice place to raise your family, here are some spectacular reasons why you should start your search with St Cloud Florida Homes.

  1. Ethnically and Racially Diverse

Located in Osceola Country, Florida, St Cloud is a small city with an average household size of 2.75. It holds about 9,554 families and 13,057 households. From all indication, the average household consists of about 2 or 3 people. The town is fairly diverse both culturally and racially. While 29.86% identify as Hispanic, 2.55% of the residents in St. Cloud FL is Asian. Only 5.44% of the population in St Cloud FL is black. A majority of its residents is white, making 84.72% (including Hispanic and non-Hispanic whites).

  1. Good, Affordable Housing

Finding the home of your dreams in St Cloud, FL is never going to be a hard thing to do. It is good to know that the real estate market in St Cloud has really prospered within the last few years. With a median home price of about $147,300, the disparity in median household income has received a boost in recent years, thanks to the lower cost of living in the area. Compared to Florida’s median household income, Homes in St Cloud tend to be more on the cheaper side with a median household income of $49,790 which is lower than a few thousand dollars.

  1. Polite and Helpful Residents

No matter your background or where you are coming from, fitting in perfect in St Cloud. FL will never be a problem. Your children can quickly make new friends at school while you and your spouse will experience no trouble at all making acquaintances both within the neighborhood and at work.

  1. Excellent Quality of Life

In St Cloud, FL, you will surely come to love small town life and all the good things that come with it. Homes in St Cloud offer a perfect place to live for you and your family. When compared to the average quality of life of other cities in Florida, you will discover that the quality of life of this small town is absolutely very spectacular.

  1. Beautiful Climate

St Cloud, FL is best known for its beautiful and favorable climate. Residents of St Cloud Florida Homes can testify of this. You will definitely fall in love with life here, especially if you like warm weather. It is important to understand that you will have nothing to do with snow and ice here.

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